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Coronavirus emergency means suspended trucking rules

Coronavirus emergency means suspended trucking rules

As most everyone knows, the nation is facing a serious health crisis as Covid-19 continues spreading throughout the U.S. Now, American citizens, including those in Texas, may also be facing a separate but related safety risk that could lead to an increase in serious car vs. truck accidents.

In response to Coronavirus, President Trump has declared a national emergency. As such, some safety regulations for truck drivers have been suspended in certain situations. Specifically, truckers and trucking companies providing direct assistance in the transportation of essential supplies, people and equipment to combat the virus are no longer bound by the transportation industry’s hours of service regulations.

At this time, no one in the Austin area would disagree that a constant flow of critical supplies must be maintained to protect Americans from this potentially deadly illness. However, residents also need to know that the risk of experiencing serious car vs. truck accidents is a real possibility.

The definition of providing assistance to the Covid-19 crisis is as follows.

  • Transportation of equipment and supplies necessary for testing, diagnosing and treating patients
  • Transportation of equipment and supplies necessary for medical workers, patients and public safety
  • Transportation necessary for isolation, medical care or quarantine management
  • Transportation necessary for managing quarantine facilities and temporary housing
  • Transportation necessary to ensure food remains available to U.S. residents

In this time of crisis, the last thing the nation needs is a massive wave of serious car vs. truck accidents. Please practice increased caution on the roadways to protect yourself and those responsible for transporting supplies. You may also rest assured that if you do suffer severe injuries in a negligent crash during this pandemic, you can still rely on legal professionals to help you find a solution.



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