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If a car collides with a dump truck hauling a full load, there’s a strong chance the accident will cause costly damage and personal injury. When these heavy trucks suffer brake issues or the driver gets distracted, they can enter an intersection filled with traffic and wreak havoc.  If you or a loved one has been involved in one of these types of car accidents, you’ve come to the right place.

The nuances of these types of personal injury cases are critical, so you need someone with a long history of success as a dump truck accident lawyer in Austin on your side.

Batrice Law Firm is the seasoned professional at winning Austin vehicle injury law cases. Call today for your free consultation and get started on the path to getting your life back to normal again.

Compensation For Your Medical Bills

When any vehicle is hit by a dump truck, injuries can be catastrophic, especially if you’re driving a small car or family sedan. Any injury caused by a collision like this can mean extensive medical bills when the drivers involved need life-saving services from fire crews and police.

Unfortunately, people may have even died at the dump truck crash you’re seeking legal remedy for. If a loved one has suffered an injury or was killed in an accident between a dump truck and a car, Batrice Law Firm is here to help you get the fair compensation necessary to cover your medical expenses.

Defense Against The Trucking Company Legal Team

Whether you were the passenger or the driver, if you’ve been injured in a crash with a dump truck in Austin, Batrice Law Firm has the expertise necessary to build an unbeatable case.

No matter if a crash happened with several vehicles or just one vehicle, Austin police can provide details about the site that can strengthen your case against the dump truck driver.

Even if the dump truck’s brakes failed and the driver wasn’t negligent if injuries occurred, the company the driver works for may be legally responsible for fairly compensating the victims of the car accident.

If their driver hits another car, there is a high chance fatalities could happen, so trucking companies in Austin often retain legal teams that will aggressively defend them.

Batrice Law Firm is well-versed in dealing with these types of accidents so you don’t need to accept anything less than your full and fair compensation.


Justice For People Injured In Dump Truck Crashes

Whether excessive speed or brake failure, a dump truck driver’s inability to maintain control of their truck means sometimes crashes happen with cars, vans, and other passenger vehicles on the road.

Improper lane changes, intersection red light violations, trying to pass in the right lane, or a shifting load of gravel due to touchy brakes can all spell disaster. When the driver of these trucks collide with cars so much smaller, such as a sedan or a sports car, damages can be substantial to both property and anyone who’s a passenger.

If people died in the dump truck crash you’re seeking legal counsel for, you need a lawyer with a strong track record of success for families and victims—you need Batrice Law Firm. The sooner you call the sooner you can get help. Call today for your free consultation with an Austin dump truck accident lawyer.

Attention To The Evidence in Crash Injury Cases

Few things matter more than the evidence when it comes to these cases, so an experienced personal injury attorney with a background in litigating serious passenger car and dump truck accident cases will study police reports in fine detail.

It’s absolutely essential to find any details about the crash scene that could be used to establish a case for negligence in court, and Batrice Law Firm has the experience to know exactly what to search for to build a winning case for you.

Carefully combing over crash investigation reports and accident scene reconstructions by law enforcement can uncover whether or not the driver was distracted, speeding, or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the accident happened.

Police accident scene notes can also help ensure all people involved with injuries are accounted for, so a crucial part of the process is getting the account of the accident from other drivers at the scene.

The Details Matter, And Batrice Law Firm Finds Them

Other pertinent information can be useful as well, such as weather and traffic conditions at the time, along with any details regarding dump truck maintenance schedules and the overall roadworthiness of the vehicles involved.

Examining the dump truck driver’s hours of service logs can help reveal whether there is a sufficient chance that fatigue contributed to the dump truck crash. For victims who choose to seek compensation for their injuries and other damages, this information can prove vital.

Get Compensation For Your True Losses, Not Just Medical Costs

In cases where an injured driver is seeking compensation from the at-fault dump truck driver, they may be able to claim damages for medical care costs, lost wages, and a host of other expenses stemming from the accident.

Working with an attorney who is experienced with dump truck wrecks in Austin, Texas, and how to handle them takes the burden off of the victims so they can focus on recovering from their accident.

Call Today For Your Confidential Consultation

If your dump truck accident happened recently, waiting to get help with the costs of going to the hospital or replacing your car can be incredibly frustrating.

Whether or not the dump truck driver was at fault, if their truck hit you, you may be entitled to compensation if you suffered injuries.

Call Batrice Law Firm today for a free consultation about your Austin, Texas, dump truck accident case and get the justice you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common accident involving site dump trucks?

Many Dump Trucks have overloading and brake safety systems and black box data that can tell the story of what really happened in a Dump Truck crash, rather than what the driver said happened after speaking to his attorney or his boss. Some of these data systems can be erased as easily as restarting the Dump Truck . It is extremely important to get that information immediately!

Who is liable in a dump truck accident?

Dump Truck crashes are very different from a passenger car crash. Dump Trucks are much heavier and harder to stop, and are no match for a passenger car. As a result, many Dump Truck drivers are required to have specialized training, pre-trip inspections, drivers logs, and sleep requirements before they can drive professionally. If the careless actions of a Dump Truck driver resulted in injuries to you or someone you love, you can pursue legal action in the form of civil litigation. A personal injury lawsuit is your best option for possible compensation.

How can dump truck accidents be prevented?

Dump Truck drivers are required to have specialized training, pre-trip inspections, drivers logs, and sleep requirements before they can drive professionally. If the careless actions of a Dump Truck driver resulted in injuries to you or someone you love, you can pursue legal action in the form of civil litigation. A personal injury lawsuit is your best option for possible compensation.

What is a hauling ticket?

A Dump truck or hauling ticket is used to record the detail in hauling material from one destination to the next. The form captures the details of the job pertaining to the customer and materials being hauled or transported. The ticket can contain very valuable evidence such as: who the driver / employee was; who the employer was; who loaded the dump truck; when was the truck loaded; who inspected the load / dump truck; what job site the load was acquired; who owned / maintained / regulated the job site; and, how long the employee was working that day, or the days before the crash.