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Austin Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Austin Personal Injury Attorney for Hit-and-Run Bicycle Crashes

In Austin, bicycles can be a fun, eco-friendly way to get around town and enjoy some exercise. The roads in our communities are designed to be shared by cyclists, motorcyclists, and automobile drivers alike, but it’s an unfortunate reality that bicycle riders aren’t always respected. Drivers can often be negligent when sharing the road with others, and cyclists can suffer significant injuries if involved in an accident. Austin’s top bicycle accident lawyer, Batrice Law Firm ensures that injured cyclists receive compensation for their injuries.

You can trust the team at Batrice Law Firm to fight for your compensation after a bicycle accident. Austin’s top bicycle accident lawyers know how to identify the responsible party and will ask the right questions to determine how much you’re entitled to receive. Our clients receive regular communication during the process, so you can be confident in the final result and compensation amount. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident in Austin, the personal injury attorneys at Batrice Law Firm offer a free case evaluation. We’ll get you the justice you deserve.

Legal Representation for the Bicycling Community

If you’re a bicycle rider, you probably already practice constant vigilance while out on the road. Distracted or reckless drivers are especially dangerous for cyclists, who face most of the impact in an accident with another vehicle. As some of the most experienced personal injury lawsuit attorneys in Austin, the most common bicycle accidents we see involve:

  • Sideswipes – These may be caused by drivers who try to pass a cyclist or fail to see a cyclist when making a turn. Damage to a vehicle is usually minimal, but the cyclist can suffer serious personal injuries or loss of life.
  • Tailgating – Some drivers may follow too closely behind a cyclist, as they do with other vehicles. A sudden stop from a cyclist can lead to a significant impact if the driver cannot stop in time.
  • Stop signs and red lights – Drivers who run stop signs or red lights pose an increased risk of significant and fatal injuries to bicycle riders.
  • Poor road conditions – Other drivers aren’t the only risk that cyclists are facing. Bicycle accidents can also be caused by debris in the road or poor road conditions like potholes and uneven pavement.

Just like an accident that involves two vehicles, a bicycle accident can leave a victim with overwhelming medical bills, property damage, ongoing pain and suffering, and loss of wages. It’s important to contact an experienced Austin personal injury attorney who can ensure you receive compensation.