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What To Do When Pulled Over:

Traffic Stop Tips from the Top Criminal Justice Lawyer in Austin

Being stopped by the police could be more than simply an inconvenience; it can also be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether you were violating or fully obeying traffic laws, the sight of flashing lights in your mirror may be intimidating.

The founding attorney at Batrice Law Firm, Paul Batrice, understands how important it is that you know what to do to protect yourself in this situation. Our mission is to make sure your rights are respected at an Austin traffic stop and beyond. If you have questions, we can give you answers.

Top Tips For A Traffic Stop

To protect your privacy and rights, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Pull over safely and immediately.
  • Be polite to the officer but keep your answers to their questions brief.
  • Do not give voluntary permission to let the officer search your vehicle.
  • Do not admit to any criminal act, such as drunk driving.
  • Determine whether taking field sobriety tests might not be in your best interests.

Remember: you can choose not to consent to a breath test or blood test. Although there will be automatic penalties for your refusal, the penalties may be less harsh than the penalties of a repeat DWI in certain circumstances.

If the traffic stop leads to an arrest, Batrice Law Firm can help you contest the charges. No matter what happened during the traffic stop, our lawyers are here to advocate for you.

We Can Challenge Charges In Court Later

If you believe that a law enforcement officer is violating your rights or making false accusations, it is best to remain calm and compliant. Resisting the officer will likely only lead to a worse outcome.

However, your rights are important and worth protecting through the law. When law enforcement fails to respect your constitutional rights, we will set the record straight in Texas court. As part of your defense strategy, we can work to show whether the officer present at the traffic stop made a critical mistake. In fact, proving an improper stop or wrongful search of your vehicle could potentially lead to a full dismissal of any DWI charges against you. With a high attention to detail, Paul Batrice can assert your rights.