Serving Georgetown with Legal Representation

Batrice Law Firm serves the community of Georgetown with personal injury and criminal defense legal representation. Legal services in Williamson County can be challenging to navigate after an accident or arrest, but our team simplifies the process to get you what you need.

Cases We Represent

Batrice Law Firm specializes in representing individuals who were injured in an accident. Our team of personal injury lawyers helps Georgetown victims receive financial compensation if they were involved in one of the following events:

Car accidents—Negligent drivers, damaged roads, or faulty vehicles can all contribute to auto accidents that result in personal injury. Our lawyers win in Georgetown and Williamson County, and they can help you through the process of filing a claim used to obtain compensation from the insurance company or other driver.

Truck accidents—18-wheelers, dump trucks, and other commercial trucks and vehicles can cause significant injuries or death when involved in an accident. Filing a claim can be challenging, but our Georgetown personal injury attorneys understand how to deal with commercial truck accidents and compensation for injuries from 18-wheeler semi collisions.

Motorcycle accident—Motorcyclists are often at risk of accidents caused by negligent drivers. Injuries can often be more substantial from motorcycle accidents and we make sure they receive proper compensation.

DWI accident—Driving while intoxicated (DWI) can have devastating consequences and our team of drunk driving accident lawyers in Georgetown will make sure you receive the proper compensation to cover medical bills and vehicle damage.

Rideshare accident—An accident involving Uber or Lyft drivers can be difficult to resolve because of the rideshare companies’ insurance policies and local statutes in Georgetown. Our personal injury attorneys have tried these types of accidents in Williamson County and our team knows what’s needed to get you compensation.

Boating accident—Boating can be a fun activity, but accidents on the water are always a possibility. A boating accident can result in serious injuries or death and we’ll work with victims to obtain the compensation they deserve.

Wrongful death—Certain accidents that result in death may be deemed avoidable, in which case you and your loved ones deserve justice. Our wrongful death lawyers work in Georgetown to hold the negligent party accountable, explain your family’s rights, and get you the compensation your family deserves.

In addition to personal injury law, Batrice Law Firm also represents individuals in criminal defense cases in Georgetown and Williamson County. Our criminal defense lawyers are the best in Texas, and we ensure fair representation for cases involving DWI, drug possession, burglary, and assault.

Experts You Can Trust at Batrice Law

When the time comes and you need legal representation from an experienced personal injury or criminal defense lawyer in Georgetown, contact the team at Batrice Law. Our firm offers the following advantages:

  • 24/7 availability—We’re here to help exactly when you need us.
  • Multilingual staff—Our staff speaks multiple languages to ensure we can communicate with our clients.
  • Trial experience—Our attorneys use their extensive knowledge and experience in cases that go to trial.
  • Zero upfront fees—We don’t collect payment until your case is won or settled.
  • History of success—We’re aggressive when fighting for our clients, and we have a long track record of success.
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