Motorcycle riders across the country count on the drivers around them to help them remain safe. While it’s easy to try to claim that the onus falls strictly on the motorcyclist, this isn’t the case. Other drivers who impede on the motorcyclist’s right of way cause two-thirds of the crashes between motorcycles and another vehicle.

In some instances, the drivers claim they can’t see the motorcyclist. Even though the small profile of the motorcycle would make that seem like a plausible excuse for an accident, it isn’t. Every driver who’s on the road must be vigilant when they drive, and this means watching out for motorcycles.

Intersections pose a significant threat to motorcyclists because there are often visual obstacles, including signs and other vehicles in this area. Around 70% of vehicle-versus-motorcycle crashes occur at intersections.

The impacts of crashes on motorcyclists can’t be ignored. A motorcyclist is five times as likely to suffer an injury and 26 times more likely to die than occupants of other vehicles when they’re involved in a crash. The injuries they suffer can range from road rash to traumatic brain injuries.

Around 91% of motorcyclists who die in crashes are males. While these vehicles make up only 3% of registered vehicles on the roads, they accounted for 14% of all fatal traffic accidents in 2017.

Because of the great risks motorcyclists face, they’re usually very careful on the roads. Seeking compensation is possible when a motorcyclist is struck by a reckless or negligent driver. It may help them to recover damages, such as medical expenses or missed wages, that resulted from the wreck.