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Accident on Company Time

Accident on Company Time

Workplace injuries are common occurrences and depending upon how, when and/or where they happen, you may be eligible to receive benefits or help as a result of your accident. Here is everything you should know about accidents on company time.

Take care of any injuries

First and foremost, the initial step following an on-the-job accident should be to take care of any sustained injuries. This means getting medical help or visiting the doctor to gain treatment. You should always seek documentation of your injuries and the medical reports about them for insurance purposes.

Fill out an accident report

Similarly, you should immediately document the specifics of the accident via an accident report. Even if you do not immediately think you are hurt you should still fill out this report. For example, if you had latent injuries show up later on or your insurance provider or employer required an official account of what happened, you would show them your accident report.

Know your worker’s compensation rights and company policies

Before an accident even happens, you should be aware of your rights as well as the policies of your employers regarding workplace accidents. Familiarize yourself with your rights as a worker—things like paid leave or benefits may work in your favor and help your healing process. Furthermore, your employer may have policies to deal with accidents much like yours.

Get a lawyer
It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to acquiring legal protection and guidance. It is in your best interest to go ahead and have a number of a good lawyer who is versed in personal injury and workplace law (such as Batrice Law Firm). Lawyers who are educated on the ins and outs of workplace and injury law can guide you swiftly and smoothly through the daunting process.



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