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When a severe accident with a commercial 18-wheeler or dump truck happens, it can be one of the most trying times for victims and their families. Every accident involving a commercial truck is unique and frequently leads to life-threatening injuries and sometimes death. Beyond the pain and suffering of physical and emotional trauma, victims of truck accidents may also face tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost wages, costs for physical therapy, property damage expenses, and secondary costs stemming from the accident. The unfortunate reality is that some victims of commercial truck accidents could end up financially ruined because of the accident—by no fault of their own.

Perhaps the most crucial decision the victim of a truck accident can make is which personal injury lawyer they choose to fight to recover their losses and get them the fair compensation they deserve. You need an attorney that has what it takes to effectively strategize and execute a plan to win your personal injury case against powerful insurance companies and their trucking company clients. If you’re the victim of a truck accident, how do you know which law firm is right for your personal injury case in Austin, Texas?

For starters, meeting the lawyer to ask questions about your particular truck accident case and what relevant experience the lawyer has is vital. At Batrice Law Firm, our dedicated Austin, Texas truck accident attorneys possess wide-ranging expertise in dealing with insurers of trucking companies and their legal teams. When you’re ready to discuss your case with a truck accident attorney, call Batrice Law Firm for a free consultation.

Questions For Attorneys Regarding Legal Background

The first set of questions to ask a truck accident attorney should be related to their legal background and experience dealing with cases like yours. This detail is essential because truck accidents involve multiple parties in many cases and require highly specific types of evidence like vehicle maintenance reports, regulations compliance records, driver training records, and electronic driver’s logs. Examples of questions to ask during your free initial consultation include:

  • How many years have you been practicing personal injury law, particularly handling truck accident cases?
  • What number of truck accident cases have you handled?
  • What is your track record of success with truck accident cases?
  • How many personal injury cases do you settle compared to going to trial?
  • How similar is my case to the cases you’ve won already?
  • Which professional legal organizations are you a member of?
  • Are you licensed to practice law in Texas? 
  • Have you handled personal injury cases in Austin?

Questions Regarding How Your Case Will Be Handled

Once your potential lawyer has provided satisfactory answers to questions about their experience, it’s time to get into the details of your case to understand what to expect. First, uncovering whether or not the truck accident injury case is justifiable to pursue and what the process will look like if it is. Questions to ask during this phase include:

  • Who will I be working with most often throughout the case? Directly with an attorney, another member of the legal team, or a combination of both?
  • How much involvement will I have in the decision-making aspects of my case?
  • What is the reasonable amount of compensation I could receive in my case?
  • How can I best communicate with you, and how quickly can I expect responses?
  • How frequently will I be updated about progress on my case?
  • Is a settlement likely, or could my case go to trial?

Questions About Paying Legal Fees

When you’ve already shouldered considerable expenses resulting from your truck accident, a pressing question is what legal fees you can expect to pay. Ideally, your truck accident case will be handled on a contingency fee basis, as Batrice Law Firm does. This means you won’t pay any legal fees unless you win the case.

Also, ask about the retainer agreement, which will determine the percentage of a settlement or court verdict that will be allocated to legal fees. Other questions about legal fees could include:

  • How will you and your team be compensated for handling my personal injury case?
  • Will I be expected to pay the law firm out of pocket if we don’t win a settlement?
  • Could there be additional fees that arise during the process of the case?

Preparing For Your Free Initial Consultation

Having a list of prepared questions will aid you in getting to know your prospective lawyer and provide a sense of what the relationship will be like throughout the process. It’s a good idea to take notes or even ask if you can record the conversation for easy reference. 

Also, it’s important to bring all of the documents related to your truck accident to your initial consultation, including medical bills, insurance coverage documents, insurance information for the truck driver, and the trucking company’s information. Additionally, bring pictures of any damages, pictures of the accident scene, the police report, and any statements from witnesses if available.

Keep in mind, hiring an attorney is a significant decision to enter a relationship that might last months or even years. Finding an experienced and highly qualified attorney is essential to the success of your personal injury case. You should always feel comfortable having conversations with your attorney and be confident they care and respect you.

Contact The Truck Accident Law Expert Today

Batrice Law Firm provides the utmost attention for every client we serve. When you call for your free initial consultation about your truck accident case, you’ll get to speak directly with an attorney from the very beginning and get all of your questions answered. We are a personal injury law firm serving the Austin, Texas, area including Cedar Park, Lago Vista, Georgetown, Round Rock, and covering Travis County, Hays, and Williamson Counties.

If you or a loved one was injured recently in a trucking accident, don’t waste another day wondering how you will be able to pay for the resulting medical treatments and make up for lost wages. Our extensive experience, knowledge, and resources mean we have what it takes to fight for your fair compensation from insurance companies and trucking companies.

Call Batrice Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation with expert truck accident lawyer Paul Batrice. If you can’t make it into our office, we are happy to arrange a meeting in your home or hospital room. We strive daily to do whatever it takes to make getting the fair compensation and legal assistance you deserve an easy experience.



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