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What to do when an uninsured driver hits you

If car accidents weren’t already stressful enough there is always the possibility of an uninsured driver being behind the wheel of the vehicle that struck you. Even if you have your own auto insurance policy, what happens if the second party in the accident does not? Moreover, what if they are the one at fault and the damage to your vehicle is significant? Here is what to do when an uninsured driver hits you.

Call the police

First and foremost you should contact the police. In any accident it is important the police be involved and that they write an official accident report for insurance purposes. If you fail to secure such a report you may run in to issues later on in the process when you seek to file a claim and receive coverage. Essentially a thorough documentation process is imperative for future insurance claims.

Moreover you should call the police so that any involved party may have access to quick and efficient care should they require it.

Record the other driver’s contact information

No matter how kind or trustworthy the driver may seem you should document the driver’s contact information for your own records, purposes and benefits. For example, you should record their name, verified by their license, their license plate number, make and model of their vehicle, and their phone number (or any other form of contact information like an email address). If you secure all of this information you are making the process easier on yourself down the road. It is incredibly important you do not skip this step as your future claims may depend upon it.

Contact your insurance provider

At this point in the process you need to call your insurance company and report all of the information you gathered (contact information, police report, etc.). It is at this step that your provider may let you know if your plan covers being hit by an uninsured driver.

Get a Lawyer

Dealing with insurance companies can be tedious, confusing and difficult. Therefore you should secure help and guidance from a lawyer or a law firm you can trust. Batrice Law Firm specializes in helping people just like you, who need help in maneuvering through the complicated steps post car accident. Contact the team at Batrice today if you need trustworthy support and instruction after an uninsured driver hit you.



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