Although this summer is different than most because of the pandemic, you will probably still spend plenty of time behind the wheel. Regardless of whether you find a secluded place to enjoy a family vacation or lack the option to work from home, remember other drivers can present a risk on the road.

Proper maintenance is imperative to the safety and longevity of a vehicle. Unfortunately, you cannot trust that all motorists dedicate the same amount of attention to the regular upkeep of their automobile.

Three ways motorists can prevent tire blowouts

Large pieces of rubber can endanger others when a tire in poor condition blows out. Meanwhile, this often causes a driver to lose control of their vehicle, making a crash imminent.

There are multiple known causes of tire blowouts, as well as recommendations to prevent them. Thankfully, routine maintenance can significantly reduce the chances of a motor vehicle accident.

Paying attention to tires can minimize blowouts due to reasons which include:

  • Mechanical problems. Uneven tire wear could indicate that something else, such as bent axles, loose wheel bearings or misalignment, requires servicing.
  • Excess weight. Tires can only withstand a certain amount of pressure. An overloaded truck, for example, can be extremely dangerous.
  • Driving conditions. Extreme heat, debris and poorly-maintained roadways can increase the risk of a blowout – especially at high speeds.
  • Under-inflation. Tires can easily overheat when air pressure is too low. Estimates suggest that roughly 80% of blowouts could be prevented simply by inflating tires correctly.

You might be diligent about keeping your vehicle running smoothly. However, you have the right to hold another driver accountable if their negligence injures you.