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Spinal cord injury severity varies

Spinal cord injuries are rather difficult to live through, especially when they are serious. In the early days after the accident, there are many things that people might wonder about. Learning all you can about them can benefit you as you try to work through everything that’s going on. There are a few important points that you might find especially helpful.

One question you can ask your doctor is whether your injury is complete or incomplete. A complete injury is one that doesn’t involve any movement or feeling below the level of the injury. An incomplete one has at least a little. Typically, a complete injury isn’t associated with as good of a recovery as an incomplete injury.

The level of your injury is another question you can ask. Injuries that are higher on the spinal cord impact larger areas of the body. This is because the part of the body that’s affected by the injury is always lower than the place of damage on the spinal cord.

Another thing to find out is what you can do to improve your chance of an optimal recovery. Some medical care teams now begin the rehabilitation process sooner instead of waiting. Trying your best and following the plan may help you to have a better recovery.

When you’re going through this, one concern is likely how you will pay for your care. If the accident was because someone else was negligent, you can choose to seek compensation for the damages. These include the personal and medical care, as well as missed wages. Others might also be possible depending on the circumstances, so work with someone familiar with the applicable laws to find out what options you have.



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