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Is your insurance company tricking you?

Is your insurance company tricking you?

Your relationship with your insurance company may often be annoying at best. You need them and they need you but that doesn’t always mean things are smooth sailing, especially when your insurance company may be trying to trick and manipulate you into paying them more money than you should be. Here are things to look out for when dealing with insurance companies.

Tricking you into admitting fault—even when it wasn’t.

If you give a statement to an adjuster, they may be able to twist your words into something that looks like you are admitting fault. This is why you shouldn’t ever give a statement to an adjuster without your attorney present. Do not allow an adjuster to record your statement regarding the accident without the guidance or assistance from your legal team, or else you may be manipulated into saying things you didn’t mean and that may work against you.

Asking for your medical records.

Insurers may try to ask for you to release your medical records to them after an accident, but you should be cautious and skeptical. Some insurance companies ask for you to provide them with your medical records so that they may find pre-existing medical conditions or something else, which may allow them to deny or minimize whatever damages claim you have access to.

Procrastinating action on your claim.

Since insurance companies lose money instead of earning it when they pay you your owed claim, it is possible your insurance company is dragging their feet in paying you what you are owed. By delaying the process some insurance companies hope you will settle for lower or just forget about it. Don’t let this happen to you! Stay on top of your insurance company.
If you feel tricked or mistreated by your insurance company, get the law on your side. The Batrice Law Firm is well-versed in dealing with insurance companies and their tricks.



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