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Four types of TBIs you can get in a car accident

Four types of TBIs you can get in a car accident

Your brain is a soft tissue protected by a strong skull. Most minor bumps to your head can’t damage anything. But in a car accident, you face a severe risk of traumatic brain injury, or TBI.

TBIs can cause comas and brain damage. In serious cases, they can lead to death. But not all TBIs are equal. A blow to the head can cause different kinds of damage that require different treatments. Here are some of the most common TBIs:

  • Concussion – This injury occurs when your brain hits the inside of your skull. This injury can lead to loss of consciousness and normal function of your brain. The damage from a concussion usually heals. But the damage can become permanent if you get multiple concussions.
  • Fractured skull – Your skull is the primary protector of your brain. The bone it is made of is much harder than the rest of your skeleton. If it fractures, your brain becomes vulnerable.
  • Contusion – A contusion is a bruise on your brain. Contusions can create blood clots called hematomas that put pressure on your brain.
  • Diffuse axonal injury – With this injury, parts of your brain can tear, leading to permanent damage.

The medical treatment for TBIs can differ based on the type

After a severe car crash, a doctor can give you a full exam to check for a TBI. The doctor will try to determine the details of your accident and may also check your brain with a CT scan. This test looks for any swelling or bleeding in your brain that may point to a TBI. By pinpointing the exact type of injury, the doctor can provide the treatment you need.

However, the symptoms of a TBI may not show up right away. In the days after the accident, you may find yourself confused, nauseous or even losing consciousness. If this happens, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Not all TBIs are equal in the effect they have on your brain. But they are all equally dangerous. Seeking medical treatment immediately after a car accident may help you in diagnosing and treating a TBI.



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