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Cellphone use and driving: a toxic combination

Smartphones are one of the main culprits in car crashes. Even safe drivers have the urge to switch songs, look at social media or text a friend. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous – whether the car is in motion or not. According to the National Safety Council, cellphones have played a significant role in more than 1 million crashes across the United States.

Phone and app designers may share some liability

In cellphone related crashes, it can be easy to place all the blame on the drivers for their negligence. While they should be held accountable at some level, it can be a bit more complicated than that. Many phone designers make these devices very habit-forming. Companies that create cellphones and cellphone apps want users to engage with their products for as long as possible. That’s what helps sell apps, generate ad revenue and maintain their bottom line.

Social media in particular can be very addicting

People use smartphones for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s playing games, doing research or calling a friend, these devices have become crucial for our daily functioning. However, some apps can be dangerous for drivers.

Smartphones are the primary way people check their social media platforms. In an age where people continually update their followers on their whereabouts, this can be especially hazardous. When people post, scroll and upload photos, they’re not giving their full attention to what’s in front of them. Unfortunately, even taking a quick peek at social media feeds can result in a severe collision.

Cellphone use behind the wheel poses dangers for all

Some smartphone companies urge users to put away their devices while driving. But that doesn’t disincentivize them or app designers from making their products less habit-forming. Unfortunately, drivers with cellphone addictions put more than just themselves at risk. Those hit by a motorist using their cellphone may want to seek compensation for their injuries.



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