July 2017

Arrested for marijuana? Here’s what to expect.

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There is great debate surrounding the topic of marijuana. While some states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and others allow those who need it to use it for medicinal purposes, there are still opponents to the drug.   In Texas, possession and use of weed is still heavily punished. Consequences are stricter here [...]

June 2017

Boating Under The Influence

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Everyone has heard about the term driving while intoxicated, or driving under the influence. Commonly referred to both in writing or conversation as a DUI or DWI, such charges are known to be incredibly serious and dangerous. But did you know such charges could extend beyond the realm of operating a motorized road vehicle? For [...]

What is included in a family violence charge and what are the punishments for it?

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Whether you can see it or not, domestic violence is a major issue that affects many people and homes across the nation. It is very likely someone you know has experienced domestic violence in some capacity at some point in his or her life. Here is exactly what you never knew and absolutely need to [...]

May 2017

Accident on Company Time

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Workplace injuries are common occurrences and depending upon how, when and/or where they happen, you may be eligible to receive benefits or help as a result of your accident. Here is everything you should know about accidents on company time.   Take care of any injuries   First and foremost, the initial step following an [...]

DWI: What Classifies As A Motor Vehicle?

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Whether you call it a DWI (driving while impaired) or DUI (driving under the influence), the details are largely the same. In Texas, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is referred to as a DWI—this much is obvious. But it get’s more complicated when you dig deeper into the [...]

April 2017

Is your insurance company tricking you?

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Your relationship with your insurance company may often be annoying at best. You need them and they need you but that doesn’t always mean things are smooth sailing, especially when your insurance company may be trying to trick and manipulate you into paying them more money than you should be. Here are things to look [...]

Austin Police Department No Refusal Weekends—What Does It Mean For You?

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The Austin, Texas Police Department has historically enjoined what are known as “no-refusal weekends” for holiday weekends. This means that any driver pulled over by police during one of these weekend periods cannot refuse or decline a breathalyzer or (voluntary) blood test if they are pulled over under suspicion of DWI.   What’s newsworthy about [...]

March 2017

Common Mistakes Officers Make During An Arrest

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Just because they wear uniforms does not mean police officers are perfect—just like everyone else, they too make mistakes. There are certain rules and procedures cops are supposed to follow, like having to read arrestees their Miranda Rights, only acting with probable cause and avoiding misconduct. Even the best, most well-intentioned police officers are capable [...]