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3 Reasons People Don’t Go To the Doctor After They Are In An Accident – And 3 Reasons You Should

If you’ve just been in an accident your first step should be to seek medical care as quickly as possible. This may seem very obvious but you would be surprised how many people don’t do it. Here’s the reasons we hear most often:

1. No Time To Treat Your Injuries

Accidents don’t exactly occur at the most convenient times. You may need to pick up your children or get to work and don’t want to further inconvenience your day by going to the doctor. 

If your car has been totalled and you are worried about making it to your appointments, there are other solutions.  Batrice Law Firm is fully capable of providing a loaner vehicle or taxi/rideshare accommodations to your appointments.  If you need medical care, we will ensure you get it!

2. Worried About the Cost of Care

This is understandably a very real barrier. Right after you think “I should go to the doctor” you’ll start to wonder what the medical bills will look like. If you don’t have insurance you have no idea what to expect. And even if you do, your high deductible or lack of clarity on confusing out-of-pocket expenses may keep you from going to the doctor.

3. You Think It’s Not That Big of a Deal

Generally our society encourages people to push through pain. But striving for a personal best working out is one thing, toughing it out when you were just hit by a car going 30 miles an hour is a terrible idea. Seriously – stop what you’re doing right now and seek medical care.

Certain injuries, particularly those related to the head and neck (traumatic brain injury, chronic headaches/migraines, PTSD) are much easier to treat when caught early. Sometimes, you aren’t even aware you have sustained such an injury without thorough diagnostic testing.

Here are a few reasons you need to see a physician immediately.

1. Delayed Onset Pain

Just because you’re not hurting now doesn’t mean you won’t be later. You may experience some adrenaline up to several hours after your accident. Also, your body may be in shock which means your heart is not pumping as much blood through the body. As a result there isn’t much inflammation from the injuries…yet. Many types of injuries start to show signs of pain after a few days once the body shifts from life-threatening mode into healing. The best way to manage pain down the road is to be seen as soon as possible.

2. Reduce Further Injury

Because your injuries may be masked for hours, days or even weeks you won’t know what parts of your body are at risk for further injury. Seeking care immediately will help to identify what’s a risk as well as how to prevent further injury.

3. Document injuries

Our bodies are amazing! From slowing down the heart rate when you’re initially hurt to introducing more blood flow to injured areas later once it recognizes there is no longer an immediate threat. The body wants to heal itself and will start acting quickly to do so. That means that the body starts to erase evidence quickly which can affect you in two critical ways. 

Firstly, just because the body “heals” an area doesn’t mean things have returned to optimum functionality. Your body may have become weaker in certain areas and misaligned in compensating for the injury. The healed area takes away available pieces of the puzzle that professionals can use to help you. 

Secondly, should you later decide to pursue legal action later you’ll be incredibly limited in the evidence required to prove your case.

We hope that addressing these reasons will compel you to go to the doctor as soon as possible. But if you still have questions give us a call at 512-955-5434 or contact us. As Austin’s Best personal injury attorneys we can also recommend medical professionals that have shown our clients incredible care.



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