The professionals at Batrice Law Firm are here to serve folks in need of a personal injury or criminal defense lawyer in Cedar Park, TX. Our law firm will help you get the legal services you deserve if you’ve been injured in an accident or arrested.

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Areas of Law

Batrice Law Firm represents individuals who have suffered an injury from an accident. Victims are entitled to financial compensation after an accident, and our Cedar Park area personal injury lawyers have experience in handling the following cases:

Auto accidents – These can be caused by negligent drivers, vehicle defects, or even damaged roads. Our personal injury attorneys take care of filing a claim to ensure you receive compensation from the driver or insurance company.

Motorcycle accidents – The road can be risky for motorcyclists, who other drivers don’t always respect. Motorcyclists are just as entitled to compensation if they suffer an injury during a motorcycle accident in Cedar Park.

Truck accidents – Large commercial vehicles like dump trucks or 18-wheelers can be involved in Cedar Park accidents that cause serious injuries or even death. The trucking industry can be challenging to navigate after an accident, so let our personal injury law firm team handle the details.

DWI accidents – If you’re injured because the other driver was driving while intoxicated (DWI), our personal injury attorneys will make sure you receive the necessary compensation to pay for medical bills and damage to your vehicle.

Rideshare accidents – Accidents caused by Uber or Lyft drivers require special processes to resolve, so it’s best to work with a legal professional who has experience in rideshare accident cases.

Boating accidents – Just like vehicles on the road, boating accidents can cause catastrophic injuries or death. Our personal injury lawyers in Cedar Park work with victims and their families who have been involved in boating accidents.

Wrongful death – The death of a loved one from an avoidable accident is devastating for everyone involved, and we’ll make sure your family receives justice.

Defending The Accused In Cedar Park, TX

Batrice Law Firm goes beyond cases involving personal injuries and wrongful death. Our team also offers criminal defense in Cedar Park for individuals who have been arrested for instances of burglary, assault, DWI, or drug possession.

Trustworthy Professionals at Batrice Law

If you’re a Cedar Park resident looking for legal representation, call our team for a free case evaluation. We offer the following benefits:

  • Accessible 24/7 – Contact our team when you need us most.
  • Multilingual staff – Communicate with ease.
  • Knowledge and experience – Our trial attorneys have extensive experience.
  • No upfront payment – You won’t pay until our team wins or settles your case.
  • Winning record – We’re consistently aggressive to ensure our clients win.

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Criminal caught

If you are injured or arrested, your first call should be to Paul. With us, you do not pay us unless we win your personal injury case for you, that is our no-fee guarantee. To help you decide that we are right for you, we offer free initial consultations, so call the Batrice Law Firm at 888-901-3096 today.