Batrice Law Firm’s statement on behalf of the Lehman High School student’s family

November 14, 2019

2:00 PM CST




AUSTIN, Texas — Following the brutal attack on a Lehman High School student, Paul Batrice of Batrice Law Firm released the following statement on behalf of the family:


‪”We recently received the Hays County Sheriff’s Office arrest report regarding the brutal attack on our daughter at Lehman High School.  The facts in the report match the description by our daughter and the witnesses in the classroom: that the teacher assaulted our daughter by choking her while she was still in her chair; at which point, she tried to defend herself before being brutally attacked.  The behavior of the teacher before, during and after the assault seen on the video, makes it clear she is easily triggered and loses control.


Our attorney’s basic lookup into the teacher’s criminal history found a 2014 arrest for violent behavior against someone close to her, and a restraining order as a result.  The similarities of that event and this attack show a pattern of behavior that is deeply troubling.  This person should not have been in charge of our children. At this point, our daughter has been diagnosed with Acute Stress Disorder and has suffered loss of consciousness, constant headaches and limited vision, which her doctors believe are early signs of Traumatic Brain Injury.  At this time, our daughter is staying at home with family and loved ones.


As parents and members of the Hays School Community, we are committed to making sure that whatever failures occurred that allowed someone with such a clear history of violence to be entrusted with our childrens’ safety, will never happen again.”



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