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Other Personal Injury

DWI/BWI accidents

Gross negligence means that someone has acted with either malice or that they disregarded an extreme risk that they knew and appreciated. Boating accidents are also most commonly associated with alcohol consumption; however, drugs have been an alarmingly increasing trend. Victims of a drunk driver on land or water are entitled to punitive damages and this firm works hard to obtain the largest settlement award possible for our clients.

Aviation accidents

Airline rules and regulations require very specific records and safety standards which, if not followed carefully and accurately, can be dangerous for the public safety and welfare.

Wrongful death

The death of a loved one can be catastrophic in many ways. This firm has the experience necessary in helping families manage their loss while fighting for the highest damage award possible. This firm can also help advise on how to create a protected trust so the children’s award cannot be attacked by collectors who are not entitled to the funds.